Bend’s Good Neighbor Guidelines

These homes are located in some of Bend’s best downtown neighborhoods. We are serious about preserving these great neighborhoods for peaceful living and enjoyment of all residents and visitors! These are not party houses and you are required to observe the strict occupancy limits and quiet hours of 10pm to 8am.

All guests are required to follow the City of Bend’s Good Neighbor Guidelines. They are posted here and at the home:

Bend Good Neighbor Guidelines

We have strict penalties for violations of the Good Neighbor Guidelines and/or your rental contract. If you are found in violation of the rules, you may be asked to leave the home immediately with loss of deposit and rents without refund. We are licensed by the City of Bend and our license depends on good guest behavior.

Remember…you’re in Bend! Be nice! Please respect these loved homes and neighborhoods as your own and enjoy your home away from home.

Have a great time and enjoy Bend! Hope to see you soon!