Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals & No pet options

Featuring pet friendly and no pet vacation rentals for your stay in Bend. All homes have fenced yards spaces and look for pet sheets (provided at all of our pet friendly vacation rentals) if your bring your furry friend on your getaway.

Pet friendly vacation rentals

Take your pick of these pet friendly vacation rentals and enjoy you getaway with the whole family. Please remember that leaving a barking dog outside can be disturbing in these residential neighborhoods. Please bring your crate or, better yet, bring your pup with you when you leave the house. There are so many great off leash areas in Bend. You will want to explore them all!

Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals | Cinder Cone Cottage
Cinder Cone Cottage
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Pet Friendly vacation rentals | Basalt Bungalow
Basalt Bungalow
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Pet Friendly vacation rentals | Awbrey Butte Retreat
Awbrey Butte Retreat
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No pet vacation rentals

We understand that some folks have sensitivities to pets and are happy to have dedicated, no pet vacation rentals with all the same great amenities as our other cottages. Have a look…

Bella Bird Bungalow | Westside Bend vacation rentals
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Not pet friendly vacation rental | Bernhard Justice Bungalow
Bernhard Justice Bungalow
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